SEO Metrices

Essential SEO Metrics You Should Know About

In the present day world where more and more businesses are getting online everyday, no one can even dream of running a serious business without effective SEO services. Even if you have been postponing your plans to hire an SEO for your website, you would be surprised to know how much the success of your competitors’ businesses depends upon their SEO efforts. If you want to get ahead in the game, you need to get in touch with the best seo company now which can help you in understanding your needs, and recommend the best solutions tailor made for your website.

In order to understand what is happening, you need to gain some ground with search engine optimization yourself first, so that you can make better and well informed decisions. Today we are going to explain some of the most important SEO metrics, which you should definitely know about:

Organic Traffic:

Organic traffic is that traffic which you get from search results without having to pay anything in return. The whole point of engaging in SEO is to increase the amount of organic traffic you are getting because that is what the key for your business is. It is therefore very important to stay at the top of the search results in order to get the most possible organic traffic.

Bounce Rate:

Bounce rate is that percentage of users who did not chose to continue navigation to your website after your initial landing page. Needless to say, the lesser your bounce rate, the better you are engaging with your visitors and potential customers. You need to make sure your content is engaging enough in order to have users continue spending time on your website and navigate from one page to the other.

Keyword Rankings:

When you search for a particular phrase (also known as a keyword) on a search engine, the position at which your website appears in the search results. It is very important to know where you stand in terms of your keyword ranking in order to estimate which keywords are getting you what amount of traffic. Once you know your ranking, you can plan to achieve where you want to see yourself next. You can also track the improvements in terms of the traffic you get in order to visualize a better return on investment.


A backlink is a link on some other website which redirects the user to your website. Although the dependence of rankings on backlinks in the present times has decreased, it is still one of the important factors. You should always try to maintain a good collection of do follow backlinks from reputed websites. There are tools on the internet which can help you in determining the quality of the backlinks you have. Tools such as Ahrefs and Majestic SEO help in assessing the quality of the backlinks, usually by assigning a score to each link and the higher the score, the better is the quality of the link says SEO Vancouver.

Pages Per Visitor:

Pages per visitor is basically a measure of how many pages did a user visit after having landed on your landing page. It is a direct reflection of the user engagement on your website. Greater engagement usually means a higher page per visitor count. You can view this metric in Google Analytics dashboard.

It is essential for any website owner to understand these terms in order to make an effective utilization of the SEO practices. There is absolutely no reason you should shy away from hiring SEO services today.