What Role Does Content Play in Your Overall SEO Strategy?

People tend to harbor all sorts of biases about all sorts of SEO strategies. Some still cling on a bit towards link building, while some have totally accepted Google as the paramount search force.

However, people always should stay in tune with the very basics of SEO, and that is SEO is about search engines, as in more than one search engine. While you are going to get the majority chunk of your traffic from Google, you should also be doing your bit in order to gain from other search engines.

Secondly, you should never be personally attached to any aspect of SEO strategies, what works today can be expected to go into the bin tomorrow. The Best SEO company always keeps track of the current trends.

However, there are also some aspect which do not change, and should not be expected to change for a considerable amount of time to come. The bare basics of the industry center around the word ‘Content’ , yes indeed having original, high quality content is still one of the must haves for you to gain benefit of the SEO efforts.

No trick can do you the benefit what original and high quality content can, despite what they claim. So, the bare basics are still where they were eight or ten years ago – quality content is a must have. Even Matt Cutts has time and again stated that its quality content that is undoubtedly the key to Google rankings.

Watch here how Google handles duplicate content:

If you try to think from the perspective of Google, they would want to stay at the top of their game. And how can they stay at the top- by providing users what they are searching for with the minimum possible effort. And it is no rocket science that people tend to find the information they are looking for in well written posts with high quality content. Hence, in order to gain top search rankings, you should present your content in such a way that you become the synonym of the word quality in your niche.

If you have been struggling with creating engaging content, more than 50% of B2B marketers have admitted to struggling with creating engaging content. So, in a nutshell, you are not alone. Your articles should cover the keywords and provide the exact information that people are looking for. Blog posts have always been a good source of creating engaging content, and almost 60% of people have agreed to that.If you are still having trouble with content, SEO Vancouver can help you with that.

Content And Social Media

Content doesn’t stand alone in today’s world of social media. The content you put up is put to the scrutiny of numerous readers across the globe, and they can provide a range of feedbacks on your post. The greater the number of likes and shares, the better quality and more engaging is the post you have just put up. These metrics can very well be expected to be the future metrics for rankings, so you should never shy away from social media. All your posts and contents should be regularly shared over a variety of social networks. About 80% of SEOs have admitted that they would like to give more attention to their content based strategies.

Whilst we have been going on and on about quality, we should also mention another parameter- ‘quantity’. Yes, your website has to be regularly updated. You need to keep publishing a steady stream of good quality content that can help your visitors. Regular stream of quality content means your readers can engage more and more interaction translates to more positive responses. Thus, you create engaging quality content. Such content tends to attract more visitors which value their visitors. Stay tuned to SEO Vancouver for more such informative articles.